Planning a wedding is exciting and unfamiliar, but there are many things to think about. You are probably thinking about a location’s photographic potential for the first time. Here is my opinion on the crucial and challenging process of choosing a location for wedding photography.

Below are some of the best locations to have your wedding photography done in Sydney and make them immortal forever-

  • The Rocks
    If you enjoy photos with tree-lined backdrops and aged concrete with a European feel, add The Rocks to your list. Here, there is easy parking and little foot traffic, which gives you more time to take pictures and less time to manage crowds. When there is time, the Bridal Party may occasionally cross the street to enjoy some beverages while we take extra time to capture some solo photographs of the Bride. Alternatively, the end of the road can accommodate many automobile shots with a view of the water and the Harbour Bridge. There is also a nice location for a car shot underneath the Harbour Bridge.
  • The University of Sydney
    Visit the University of Sydney for a formal and traditional wedding shoot. In addition to the Quadrangle, this area includes several other choices for majestic shoots. We take pictures on the steps and outside The Great Hall. In addition to inside close to the encrusted doorways and outside on the Quadrangle’s grass. Additionally, you can reserve the Quadrangle’s doorway and get a car photo there. Due to this venue’s popularity, reservations must be made in advance (see below); bear that in mind while making plans. Even though there will be a significant amount of traffic and it will be hectic, it is worthwhile to persevere.
  • The Sydney Opera House
    The Sydney Opera House You’ll be able to capture some amazing images of a spotless Opera House because cloudy skies indicate fewer visitors. When there are people around, our group will ask guests to move, and they are typically more than willing to do so for weddings. Even on a sunny day, it’s perfect. Your photographs won’t just feature the famous structure; they will also feature the Opera House’s intricately detailed walls. Because it’s difficult to find parking here, your photographer should accompany you.
  • Observatory Hill
    Plan to spend some time at Observatory Hill for beautiful sunsets. It is simply a five-minute walk from Observatory Hill to The Rocks under the Harbour Bridge to offer your photographs a combination of architecture and nature concluding with a sunset on the hill. At the end of the road, there is a location that can accommodate several cars in the shot.
  • Paddington Reservoir
    Paddington Reservoir is a wonderful, calm location with minimal traffic overall. You’ll have more room and time to unwind and become comfortable during the session. You might find yourself sharing the aisle with a few other weddings, but don’t worry—we can alternate. The form-set modern concrete and metal chairs are two of our favourite items to employ. In terms of aesthetics, it is a more contemporary and understated variation of The Rocks. As it lies below ground level, from a photographer’s perspective, it is best used on days that aren’t too dark.

Lastly, these are some of our favourite Sydney wedding photography settings that are doable within most wedding timelines, but for couple sessions, we also offer out-of-Sydney sites. Please get in touch with us at  if you have any queries or would like to talk more about choosing your photography settings.

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