Different Wedding Styles To Plan Your Wedding Day!

Different Wedding Styles To Plan Your Wedding Day!

Without a doubt, our wedding day is the most important day of our lives! And we strive to make it happen in the most perfect way possible while retaining “our” touch. The euphoria of the wedding begins months before the actual day! Not only the bride and groom, but a large group of people, including family and friends, begin to plan the wedding!

What kind of wedding style the couple wants is the first thing to ask, though, when planning a wedding. The world of weddings is constantly evolving. There are a lot of wedding styles that are popular today, and even more, will emerge, but if there is one thing that is crystal clear, it is that there are some styles that always stick in the couple’s minds and, in their hearts as their favourites. Some of these styles are

well-known, while others are relatively new but have been gaining ground on the classics. And choosing the wedding style that best suits the couple’s tastes and preferences is practically a requirement for such a special day as a wedding. We don’t want to witness an uninspired wedding.

Do not worry if you are just beginning to plan your wedding and are unsure of the type of wedding you want. Here, we’ll look at some of the wedding styles that people around the world like best. From the traditional and classic to a themed or vintage wedding, there are many styles that hold a special place in the hearts of the couple, but what is most desired is to assign their own style. Once that is known, the rest happens by magic.

❖   A classic or traditional style wedding:

Even though it is the most traditional, brides and grooms frequently choose this style of wedding. It is special and romantic because it is based on tradition and also follows protocol and etiquette. Each moment of the wedding must adhere to the timing and schedule planned by the wedding planner, with men required to wear a tuxedo or tailcoat and women required to wear a long party dress. Consider having

the bridesmaids, gentlemen of honour, page girls, and page boys throw the flowers and carry the rings in addition to the bride and groom and guests.

❖   Vintage style:

Retrofitting the classic is always associated with elegance, and vintage weddings serve this function. This wedding theme was inspired by vintage components that were created with special care and have grown significantly in value over time. Some of the items used for vintage décor include old suitcases, door frames, wooden boxes, typewriters, or cameras. Brides opt for vintage wedding gowns made of materials like silk, crepe, and Chantilly that offer movement and fluidity, with a nod to the 1920s but updated for the 21st century. The bride and groom don traditional dapper English attire, such as neckties and pocket squares.

❖   Wedding elopement:

Impromptu weddings are this type of ceremony. Elopement weddings are a relatively new idea in the wedding industry. The bride and groom decide to “elope” to get married, sometimes alone or with a small group of family and friends, in a private location like a lake, garden, beach, or some other special location for the couple (a restaurant, an avenue, or square). It is not improvised because, in these weddings, quality must come before quantity. The couple’s appearance is more bohemian or cosmopolitan.

❖   Themed wedding:

This is a choice for couples seeking a non-traditional approach to their wedding celebration. The advantage of a themed wedding is that protocol is not crucial, allowing the couple complete freedom to use their imagination and enjoy themselves on their special day. In order for the wedding to tell a story and for guests to understand what the wedding is about, it is crucial to establish and adhere to a theme. Attention! Remember that it is a day when love is celebrated, and be careful not to blur the line between the theme and the carnival. There are countless themes you can use for your wedding, such as those from the movies, comic books, music, travel and culture, science, current events, etc.

❖   Beach Wedding:

One of the most popular locations for weddings is the beach, and planning such a celebration involves a variety of details. Even though beach etiquette is more lenient when it comes to the appearance of the bride and groom and guests, a beach wedding still requires excellent organisation, from securing permits to planning decorations and anticipating weather-related issues. Flat sandals and flowing wedding gowns with simple necklines are favourites of the brides, who also favour them for their comfort. The bride and groom favour linen suits for the hot weather. Decorations with warm-toned flowers that contrast with the sea and sand are also welcome, as are those with a marine or nautical theme.

The bottom line:

The most popular wedding fashions currently being used by couples are listed below. And even though there seem to be many different languages spoken at weddings, one thing is for certain: some things can only be done once in a lifetime. Think about the things that have always been on your mind and in your heart. It is worthwhile to spend some time considering the wedding theme that will best represent you and your partner.

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