Does a pre-wedding picture shoot have to be done? Although it’s difficult to say, the quick answer is yes. The lengthy response is, of course, yes. What exactly is a pre-wedding picture session? It’s better to think of it as your wedding photographer’s practice session. Think about scheduling your cake, clothes, and cosmetics. What do all of them share? It’s possible to “test before you purchase.” Without a doubt, there is generally a cost associated with this, but at least you will be certain of your choice on the big day. Wedding photography is no different; in fact, it has to be given more consideration. At your wedding, keep in mind that you only get one chance.

You want to ensure that the person in charge of documenting the special day will do a good job. You can use a pre-wedding picture session to make sure you choose the correct photographer, you get along with them, and they like you. Some wedding photographers may include this as standard in all of their packages, while others might let you add it on if you choose.

Whether it is a standard feature or a separate option, it is one that is highly recommended because it can significantly affect how well your wedding day goes and how content you will be with not only the day but the results. 

Here are some of the main arguments in favour of why a pre-wedding picture session is necessary:

  • Pre-wedding picture sessions reduce uncomfortable sentiments

But I always look horrible in pictures because I am so awkward. I detest having my picture taken. During my initial sessions, this is unquestionably the statement I hear from couples the most. What if I told you that I knew the answer? The answer that would have made you look lovely in your wedding pictures? Sorry, I don’t, but what I do have is really good. wedding-related photo shoots! During pre-wedding picture sessions, both you and your photographer have the opportunity to collaborate. This will give you a sense of how the photographer works and what to anticipate from them on your wedding day, allowing you to feel at ease with them pointing a camera at you. Additionally, it offers your photographer an opportunity to figure out how to bring out the best in the two of you. They’ll watch how you respond to the camera and how to make you two feel at ease and natural.

  • Pre-wedding photo sessions let you and your photographer get to know one another

Probably the most significant justification for a pre-wedding picture session is… Wedding days are really important! The most important day of your life: It’s critical to get along well with your photographer. Shooting with them before the big day is the best method to figure this out. Utilize this chance to get to know one another. Once you find some points of agreement, you soon begin to feel like excellent friends. Do not undervalue how crucial it is to feel at ease with your photographer; this can make or break your wedding photoshoot. The engagement session is the perfect time to start developing this rapport.

  • You can use gorgeous pictures from pre-wedding photo sessions for stationery

This one almost needs no explanation. How many weddings have you been to where the bride and groom are holding professional photographs of themselves? How many invitations did you get that had a picture taken by a professional? The list of uses for the pictures that are taken before the wedding is endless, but you get the idea. Instead of hiring a graphic designer, why not use lovely photos of yourself to create all of your stationery? After all, that is what guests are there to see at your wedding! Hiring a professional photographer to take your wedding photos not only ensures that you have the highest quality images, but also gives you the opportunity to use them for all of your wedding stationery. 

  • They document a crucial period in your life

Let’s not make light of it, okay? It’s a big day for your wedding. To be honest, it’s one of the most important things in your life. Why wouldn’t you give it your all to make it perfect? Exactly where do we stand? Good!

But how long is the wedding—10 to 14 hours? Perhaps a little more or a little less? So why is there such a focus on half a day and such disregard for the previous 12 to 18 months? In general, your engagement will span roughly 12 months of your life. It’s been a while. So why do people frequently forget to document this stage of their lives and instead concentrate on the grand finale? Big error! Think about both!


You should now be aware of the value of a pre-wedding photo session. Many couples who have worked with me on these photo sessions have said, “We didn’t realise it would be so much fun; we can’t wait to do it again!” We felt more assured because we were aware of what to anticipate from our photographer.  Have an engagement session, pre-wedding photo shoot, or whatever you might like to call it. Consider the fact that your photographer will be by your side on your wedding day for 10 to 12 hours. recording your most private moments so that you and your family can look back on them in the future. Do you really want to entrust that to an unknown stranger? I guess you’re convinced after this!

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