Wedding Photographer

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About Me

Hello there, Thought I would share few things about me so you know bit about the photographer on a personal level as this is more than just a job, I am here to document your love stories and the important day of your lives with your friends and family!

I am Ash currently living in Sydney, Australia. I have been in Australia for over 13 years now and I lived in Melbourne, Brisbane, Coffs harbour, Newcastle, Armidale and Sydney. I realised Sydney is the place for me in Australia. I have also lived in England, India and been very fortunate to travel to some amazing countries in Europe. So my accent is a bit of a mixture and I can’t really answer the question if someone asks me about my home town or who I support in sports!

I am a practicing Christian that’s far from being perfect. I love God, my family and furry little creatures! I have done Master of theology and Master of teaching in secondary (religion and history). I work as a casual teacher but my goal is to be a full time photographer.

I’m a huge metal head and to me it’s more than just screaming. I am in to progressive, melodic and metalcore! Those lyrics and music brings me energy, motivation and I mostly listen during my workouts. I also listen to Alternative rock, R&B, jazz, Chill tunes with piano and bit of techno!

I want to say few things about what influences my photography. Fashion to me goes hand in hand with photography and I’m falling in love with Parisian or European fashion. It isn’t about the labels or brands but the neutral colours, look and the feel. They are timeless! I appreciate the beauty of good architecture such as Gothic, Baroque, classical and Neo-classical. When I was doing landscapes and street photography, Architecture played a big role. I still love to include symmetry, leading lines and architectural details if I am shooting in a nice location. I love some of the streets in London, Paris, NY and several places in Europe because of the unified colour tones and architecture. I really miss that here! My favourite continent/place is obviously Europe. Italy and Scandinavia are my favourites. I admire architecture, mountains and beautiful landscapes there! Recently I have been loving elopement photographs from Oregon. So I need to plan a visit to USA and Canada soon! I love fantasy genre and I try to implement that cinematic ethereal feel in my images. I am naturally a big fan of LOTR, GOT and Batman 2022. The office (US) is something I have watched several times!

I try to eat healthy and go to gym few days a week but I do procrastinate sometimes and can’t resist the urge of sweet tooth. One thing I am proud of is that I am not addicted to coffee and it doesn’t dictate my day and mood. Being fit is more important to me than ever because I can’t be tired when I’m shooting a 10 hour wedding or take a sick leave when you have booked me an year earlier for your wedding. It is my responsibility. I have to say I have never postponed or cancelled a photoshoot so far due to health reasons and I am quite happy about that. My reviews are on the experience page.

I also value punctuality and I always arrive on time or earlier and I respect the clients who do the same or communicate few hours before regarding their estimated time of arrival. It also sets a positive mood from the start of the photoshoot which is very important.


My Photography

I picked up Photography as a hobby during my travels and it soon became my passion. I have started this as a business to live a life that I am passionate about. I have over 7 years of experience in photography. You can see my photography journey on my Instagram where I started off as a landscape/street photographer then slowly in to portraits, couples and finally in to weddings which I am absolutely in love with.

I love photographing weddings because first of all it’s an honour to be a part of capturing your love story and secondly I am capturing a joyous occasion in anyone’s life! Wedding photography also lets me explore my creativity in various types of photography. I love capturing your raw emotions, intimacy, candid moments, chic poses, fashion, the beautiful decor that has your creative touch and your friends/family sharing the joy with you on one of the biggest days of your lives!

I always keep my eyes and camera shutter open to catch all the natural moments. Not only do I take pride in photographing candid moments of you but I also love helping you by giving creative directions when needed and getting you comfortable in front of the camera. This is a skill I have learnt from photographing more than a hundred couples that haven’t had any photoshoot experience. Photographing a model or a model couple is easier in my experience. I am happy to send you a guide on posing and being natural in front of the camera and give you more info if you could send me an email.

I love environmental portraits or photographs that show a background to compliment the image and to tell a story from the photograph. I want to show beautiful architecture, symmetry or a landscape or flowers that’s in the background. You rarely see an image of mine that has fully blurred out the background. I make an exception for good bokeh sometimes!

I enjoy editing your photographs myself. I don’t outsource image editing as I believe that editing is the other half of the photography process. Colours and tones of the images are what mostly sets a photographer apart from the others. You can see that my images have a dreamy vibrant feel, earthy tones and a black and white editorial feel to them. I curate every single image and edit in a way that will bring out the best colours or tones in them. I love moody, cinematic, dreamy, black and white and vintage style look to the images. These are dependent on the lighting and location mainly and few other factors include fashion and natural moments or posing. I am happy to suggest you on time of the day to photoshoot, colours and styles to wear, props to use and locations to shoot to create beautiful images of you!

Lastly, I personally love elopements. I wouldn’t say more than weddings but they are different and something I would prefer for myself for various reasons. If your heart is in elopements and adventure, I am keen to talk to you! I love to travel and hike the beautiful mountains! Creating memories and art with beautiful nature, sunsets and a few friends/family that truly mean the world to you is a dream!

You will find more information on what to expect from my photography, FAQ and other booking information at the Info and Pricing page.

Thank you and appreciate your time in getting to know me! I am keen to know more about you as well. Let’s make this happen!

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What to Expect

I offer services for various types of photography. However, I am happy to create a package that will cater to your needs.  

All photographs will be captured with fine and subtle details and edited with moody and vibrant tones. I don’t do photoshop or changing the background type edits. I want you to remember yourselves that’s real and raw every time you look at the photographs. I generally send the pictures through a nice gallery on G-drive. However, there are options for these photos to be printed, framed or to be sent through a USB stick.

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  1. No RAW files will be sent for quality reasons.
  2. I PICK and edit the best images.
  3. You will have the rights to images after the payment.
  4.  I don’t  use watermarks or logos.
  5.  You will receive the images in 2-3 days after the payment is made. Wedding photography and events will take around a week to deliver.

“I am upfront with all my quotes, there wont be any hidden costs. Cheers!”